always be thankful for your first love (if you have/had one)- thankful for enduring your first love then surviving the crash and burn, or being in love with your first love still. how ever way, whatever the experience, they contribute very much to the your love life’s future. i realized that in…

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Alysa & Jiezl is my relationship goals

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you ever get like jealous of your friends’ other friends

like they’re hanging out with them and you aren’t

i want my friends all to myself lol


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got damn i love this

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hi friends

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other funny bowling things

either you or the girl is not sitting down so youre not always together (if that makes sense)

and you’re always lookin at booty when they’re up

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Sisters to School
Registered for Classes
Fifa (yes this is important lol)
Fafsa shit
Filed my taxes (!!!!!!!! :D)
Now to bowl

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started better habits today

hoping that it can continue in approx. 7 and a half hours

the next days wlil b the hardest but after that itll be smooth sailin

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greatass friends with great asses

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nina dobrev for nylon magazine august 2014

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